Surf Hire Newquay - Delivered To You.
Save Time. Save Money. Surf More.

Surf Hire Newquay - No Hassle

Don’t waste valuable time! Book your surf hire Newquay – surfboard, wetsuit and bodyboard hire online before you arrive in Newquay. We’ll deliver your equipment to your hotel, guesthouse, AirBnb, or where ever you want!

Saving you time and money so you can make the most of the waves!

Surfboard hire newquay

Surf Hire For All Levels Of Surfers

surf hire board

Beginner Surf Hire

Heading out for the first time? Want to practise your surfing after your first surf lesson? No problem. We have the best in soft surfboards to help you continue your path to surfing awesomness!

shortboard surf hire newquay

Intermediate Surf Hire

Ready to pick up a shortboard or longboard? We have a cool selection of high-quality surfboards that you won’t find in surf hire stores in town. Pre-book before you arrival and remove the hassle out of your surfing holiday to Newquay, Cornwall.

shortboard rental newquay

Advanced Surf Hire

For whatever reason you’re heading to Newquay without your own surf gear – don’t worry we have what you need. Professional level shortboards, epoxy longboards, and everything in-between. We won’t be beaten on price and you can skip the usual low-quality surf hire boards. Welcome to Newquay!

bodyboard rental newquay

Bodyboard Hire

Ready to rip and shred on your bodyboard? Save the planet, avoid buying the cheap plastic boards and hire a high-quality bodyboard from us. Better bodyboard = more waves.

wetsuit hire newquay

Wetsuit Hire Newquay

At Surf Hire Newquay we have a fine selection of wetsuits for all children, women and men. Summer & winter. Even boots, gloves and hoods if you’re visiting outside of the warmer months. Pre-book your wetsuit to avoid the hassle of finding one in Newquay town.